1000 12" LP Vinyl Package

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Package includes:

Reference Acetate | Master Lacquers | Stampers | 5 Test Pressings | 1000 12″ LP Black Vinyl Records | Full Color Labels | Jackets | White Inner Sleeves | Insert Records Into Jackets | Shrink Wrap

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SKU: 1000LP

Allowed file extensions to upload: .pdf

Upload your art file

Allowed file extensions to upload: .zip

Upload your audio file

Allowed file extensions to upload: .zip

Prepare your art and audio files using the guidelines below and download the art templates you will need for both your labels and jacket HERE. We supply all necessary art files in PDF, EPS and AI formats. There are a few guidelines your graphic designer will need to follow:

  • Any background art should extend to the outer bleed line.
  • All art must be in high resolution at 300 dpi or better.
  • Convert your fonts to outlines; you will otherwise need to supply your fonts.
  • Keep the template in a separate layer from your artwork layer.
  • Save all of your audio files in lossless WAV or AIFF format.
  • Name your files using your catalog number as a prefix. For example if your catalog number is JR001, name your art files JR001_SideALabel and JR001_SideBLabel for your labels and JR001_Jacket for your jacket. Name your audio files JR001_SideA_Track1, JR001_SideA_Track2, and so on. Not following these naming conventions may delay your order.
  • ZIP or ARCHIVE your art files into 1 file and ZIP or ARCHIVE your audio files into another file.

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