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Label Spotlight: Saustex Records San Antonio

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Saustex Records is based in San Antonio and has been pressing vinyl with us since 2012. With a diverse stable of artists ranging from 70's funk icon Blowfly to Texas legends Loco Gringos, Jeff Smith has been able to create an impressive catalog spanning nearly 50 releases over the past decade.

JOSEY RECORD MFG: When did you start your label and what's behind the label name?

JEFF SMITH: The first Saustex release was Stevie Tombstone's '7:30 A.M.' album that came out (on CD and digital only) at the end of 2003...

Pressing a Classic: MF Doom's Operation Doomsday

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MF Doom's beginnings can be traced back to 1989, when he appeared under the nom-de-plume Zev Love X on the 3rd Bass classic The Gas Face. He was also 1/3 of the groundbreaking hip hop group KMD, who along with the likes of A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul helped redefine rap music in the early 90s. KMD released the now-classic Mr. Hood on Elektra records in 1991...

Bringing Back The Sounds of Vinyl: NBC5 Visits With Josey To Discuss Pressing Vinyl Records

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Thanks to Johnny Archer and NBC5 news! They dropped in for a visit to our new record plant and our record store to discuss the popularity of vinyl. You can't call it a resurgence anymore; vinyl is as engrained into our culture as it's been in 25 years with sales increasing 20-40% year over year for the last 10 years.

A New Era Has Begun As A+R Record Pressing Becomes Josey Record MFG

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In October 2015, Josey Records purchased A+R Record MFG Co. A+R has been a piece of Dallas music history and was in its location on Industrial Blvd (now Riverfront) dating back to the late 60s. A+R serviced many of the region's great labels and artists; Oak Lawn Records scored a Billboard hit with CCCP's Americans & Soviets in the early 80s and A+R pressed 10s of thousands of copies in its humble plant of initially 3 12" presses and 2 7" presses.